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But if YOU insist, Sasuke...

I'll go with you

Karin's Fan Community
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All Members , Moderated

Welcome to the fan community for Karin from Naruto, run by your friendly mod victorisham.

Some RULES before you decide to join:

♥ Be nice- no OTP or character bashing. It causes drama, and even though we all secretly wanted to be featured on fandom_wank, I don't want us to have a scene like that in this community. Ever.

♥ Please only have Karin-related posts.

♥ Keep large and non-worksafe images behind cuts. Same goes for long posts.
♥ WARN if there's a non-worksafe image, or if the page is dial-up heavy.

Tag</i> your post with what it includes, be it fanart, colorings, fanfiction, etc.

♥ Have fun! ♥